Two journalists from French TV Channel TF1 went with Thomas and Olivier to Finland during their work on the Saimaa lake Ringed Seal and on the Flying Squirrel. Broadcast 6th July 2016 during the 8 o’clock news.


A portfolio of Olivier’s et Thomas’s work in the Taïga was published in l’Oiseau Magazine n° 123 (summer 2016).





A report on the large predators

of the Finnish Taiga was published

in Image et Nature n° 86

(April - June 2016)


A team of TF1 journalists followed

Thomas and Olivier during the new photographic quest for the wolf which they undertook in winter.

Broadcast 3rd April 2016 during

the 8 o’clock news.



An article about the Taïga

To be found in Terre Sauvage n° 327.


An article about the Great Grey Owl

To be found in l'Oiseau Magazine

n° 122 (spring 2016)




An article dedicated to the Taïga

 Was published in Nat’images magazine

n° 35 (December 2015- January 2016)



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