LIMITED EDITION BOX — 2 books and 1 film (32’)


Extract from the book

Forthcoming from Editions Regard du Vivant

the 15th September 2016


Price 100 €

Five converging views and one publishing project.


Thomas ROGER & Olivier LARREY / France

Eero KEMILÄ & Mervi LAAKSONEN / Finland

Yves FAGNIART / Belgium


Preface : Jim Brandenburg



In this publication the five authors will share their personal visions of the Finnish Taiga. Right from the very first pages an artistic voyage into the heart of the boreal forest, peatlands and lakes will begin, through the prism of photography, drawing and writing.


This book will sum up 10 years of work which aimed to delve deep into the secret world of the Taiga.  Following the gentle colour variations through the seasons, the iconic large beasts of the boreal forest will take pride of place.  Bears, wolves and wolverines or elk and black grouse will tread these pages and play the lead roles in the wonderful adventures experienced and told by the authors.


The scientific and naturalist approach will of course not be ignored.  The most recent findings about the workings of this ecosystem will be accompany the illustrations.


A project proposed to you in an artistic box containing

Two books and one film


Languages : French and English


- Large Volume -


30*24 cm format, 220 pages approximately, hard back. Printed on fine art paper.  The book will contain some hundred photographs with captions by Thomas ROGER and Olivier LARREY.



- Small volume -


16*24 cm format, 250 pages approximately, hard back. Printed on fine art paper.  The book will contain a scientific text by Mervi LAAKSONEN, a watercolour notebook by Yves FAGNART and a chapter dedicated to the photographs and field tales of Eero KEMILA.


- The film -


During about 30 minutes you will discover the authors’ visions of the Taiga through the different seasons.  In an intimate atmosphere the photographers and illustrator will share their field work with you, share the passion which fires them for these great, wild expanses and will tell you their tales of very special encounters.  With them you will dive deep into the great boreal forest.



There has been a single print run
of 1500 copies of this project.






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