Thomas Roger


Lover of great open expanses, from his native Mediterranean to the arctic limits, Thomas roams, observes and photographs these since childhood.  His passion for birds and free diving were the founding stones of his first naturalist experiences.

These naturally led him to ‘construct’ and co-sign, with Frédéric Larrey, the following books: Oiseaux au fil d’étangs in 2003, l’Aigle de Bonelli, little-known Mediterranean in 2007 and Pelagos, a naturalist voyage out at sea in the Mediterranean, in 2013.

Cofounder of the non-profit organisation Regard du Vivant and of the private company Découverte du Vivant, Thomas is as happy immortalising nature’s instants as sharing these with fellow photographers, the general public and also children.  He is also a guide on specialist trips to Nordic countries and organises outings to observe cetaceans and birds in the Mediterranean Sea.


Olivier Larrey


Passionate about animal photography since childhood, Olivier started his career as an editor of wildlife books.  In 2012 he joined the Regard du Vivant team and made a number of documentaries throughout the world.  His photographs have been published in various different publications, namely Hérault, nature méditerranéenne, co-signed with Maxime Briola in 2010.   Most recently, he exhibited his island photographs, accomplished with other photographers, in Argelès-sur-Mer and Montier-en-Der.  For the past ten years he has regularly been to Finland with Thomas ROGER on the lookout for powerful encounters with wildlife.





Passionate about wildlife photography for the past forty years, he is one of its pioneers. In 1964, following an ornithological inventory compiled over two summer missions to the Spitzberg, he acquired his first reflexes.  A first article containing his texts and photographs was published in the Finnish press in 1968, here he presented the Western Osprey.  He lives in Vaala in the centre of Finland.

Followed 25 years as a freelance photographer for the local and national press.

Alongside his career as a photographer Eero constructs photographers’ hides, forever more elaborate, and guides worldwide professional photographers and filmmakers around his local area.




 Finnish biologist, with a master’s degree in ecology and zoology from Helsinki University.  As a scientist she has been working since 2012 for the state owned company “Metsähallitus”, which deals with 1/3 of the country, for their natural heritage department.  In 2013, Mervi was the author of a wonderful book about wolves.  Through this she brought together three of her major passions: writing, scientific research on large predators and her belief in environmental education.



Yves Fagniart


Yves Fagniart is a Belgian wildlife painter. His love of nature transpires through his watercolours which are a reflection of thousands of hours of wildlife observation throughout the world. Their charm is to share with us the light and moods of moments, as brief as they are magical, in the life of animals in their biotope.  Yves Fagniart’s work, along with his very original combat in the name of environmental protection, has brought him international renown and awards. Since 2005, he has in fact been commissioned by the United Nations in Europe to work on the evolution of a number of migratory bird species and their environment.


drawing, Yves Fagniart

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